Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ok so i have to blog about the asshole we call a mayor Mike Millionaire i don't give a fuck about the working class Bloomberg. ok so not only do we as New Yorkers have to deal with the fact that this asshole is on his third term of course because money talks and bullshit walks, now we have to deal with the extra bullshit.. ok to my real New Yorkers that have lived in new york and not moved here from some small ass town when has the city of New York ever shut down because of a snow storm? ok take your time i will wait for the response( as the jeopardy music plays in the back round) ok your time is up NEVER.. i can remeber in the 80's when i was like in the third or second grade we had the illest snow storm and you know what we still had school the trains worked mmmm and even in the early 90's we had one of the craziest snow storms i can remember this storm i was in highschool a cashier at a supermarket and even though we had no milk in the stores the trains work and the streets were cleaned. we are known as the city that never sleeps we are known for getting shit done and with our ass backwards mayor what happens first we have a snow storm what happens MTA shuts down for almost three entire days since when my fellow New Yorkers i have to laugh at this shit.. the last time our ex mayor put our city on hold was with good reason we were under fucking attack by real terrorist not by the fucking snow man and to add insult to injury i was forced to view the lovely trash out side my window from before christmas time. is it me or do we pay for taxes for the Sanitation department to pick this shit up unreal. i am sure the wonderful people on park avenue and the upper west side don't have to deal with these issues because that is who our lovely mayor i don't give a shit about the working class bloomberg works for. but you want to hike up the prices for MTA riders and all the extra shit that we working class folk have to constantly deal with.. if you ask me Bloomberg can suck some big new york balls and i am keeping it real brooklyn when i say that.. let's see what other dick head shit we have to deal with if this new snow storm hits us.. where is Rudolph William Louis aka Rudy Giuliani when you need a real mayor to get shit done.
Rules for Mayor Bloomberg
  • Pretend to give a shit about all New Yorkers and not just those with money.. Because the working class asshole your city will shut the fuck down
  • When you hold a press conference be a straight shooter answer the questions that are asked we New Yorkers like answers bottom line it stop dancing like diddy around the topic we can see and smell bullshit.
  • stop laying people off that are used to keep your city running you should be ashamed that the city of New York city streets are looking like a dumpster. fucking disgrace...
  • the city is broke you're a fucking a Millionaire how did you make your money you are a hustler make shit happen.. 

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